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Composting is essentially the equivalent of all the healthy stuff in the soil or (humus) which sustains plant life.  If you want to retain moisture, and nutrients into your soil, composting is a method that will do just that.


It is estimated that a single family will throw away at least 200 pounds of vegetation that could be used in our gardens every year.  Multiply that number by a million families and you certainly can picture the amount of composting that could be occurring daily.


Implementing a compost pile into your Fort Collins landscape project is a great step towards preparing for your garden, plus composting will also help save the planet!


There are many helpful kits and packages in your local areas that you can purchase to help you get started in conserving wasted vegetation and then converting it into compost for your gardens.  There are many options to choose from!  Remember, proper layers added to your compost piles are essential in achieving the best results possible.  Setting up your very own compost will help you to appreciate the environment and its surroundings.  Composting will also help you see the effects and benefits received in your flowerbeds and vegetable gardens when used properly.


"In todays busy world, it is important to try and recycle in every way we can to help preserve energy and the planet natural resources.  Composting is a very good way to begin!  Remember, we can all make a difference if we just try.  If your looking for more information on composting there's a stack of information out there be it literature or on the web about various approaches and equipment."



Check out this video explaining how to compost using your waste vegetation, while making a difference in the world.  It’s a win win situation!

Landscaping in Fort Collins ROCK RETAINING WALLS:

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Mother Nature would say that installing a rock retaining wall to your landscaped property would seem to be a very green method and approach to take in adding this feature to your existing yard.


Guaranteeing yourself the wall of a lifetime literally, is what you are essentially doing!  Rock Retaining Walls can last forever and their history and past follows with them through generations of homeowners on the property.


Your Fort Collins Landscaper will advise you that it takes a lot of muscle, and patience to install this type of wall.  Heavy lifting and delivery of rock is what it’s all about.  You might want a dry stack install, or something using mortar within your rocks on the wall, depending totally on the types of rock you choose for your wall.


Building a rock retaining wall can add borders to your property; they also can be a landscaped area where you add flowers and shrubs, bushes and small trees within the site parallel to the wall, as if nature created them there.


Granite and limestone rock have the longevity of thousands of years in time; making them the most durable types of stone to use on your retaining wall.


Challenging your Fort Collins Landscape Designer to plan and install your rock wall for your property will enhance the view and structure of your home and surrounding properties.  It will add beauty and bring nature to the yard and feel like it belongs there.

After a while you will feel that it was always there from the start fitting just like a glove to your property.


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When considering a stone walkway for your new Fort Collins landscape project, always do your research and homework first and have a plan ahead of time before beginning.  Consider the location where you are hoping to install the walkway, and know what type of stones you are interested in placing at the entrance of your yard.


Depending on what type of walkway you desire, there are different types of materials to choose from.  They are stone walkways and brick walkways.  If you are looking for that homey, country feeling then a stone walkway is for you.  On the other hand if you have a formal atmospheric look to the entry into your Fort Collins landscape, then a brick walkway would be the approach you should take.


Talk to your Landscaper in Fort Collins, and make sure the routes you have chosen are not in a direct path of any of the root systems and trees in your yard.  This could be problematic in the future, beneath the stone walkways after they are installed.  Consider your options from straight across the lawn, while avoiding dips, ruts and trenches that will be difficult to navigate with a lawn mower, or other maintenance equipment.


After routing your path and choosing the type of stone you are interested in, you will have to decide on dry or wet construction for the walkway.  Wet will use mortar and dry will use sand.   Your Fort Collins landscaper can assist you with the pros and cons in making the correct choice in the stone and construction type.  A wet construction stone walkway does not have any movement and the benefits for the homeowner, are decreased time and maintenance in the future caring of the walkway.


However when you decide to install your new walkway, you can be sure the professional beauty of a stone walkway will only enhance the entry way into your beautiful landscaped yard, and home.


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Your basic principles in landscape designing:


A fabulous landscape lies in the eyes of its creator.   A professional can certainly help the process along that’s for sure.  There are ideas and plans, and they should always be accomplished in sections when planning.  Knowing what you want and desire can make the adventure that more meaningful for you.   Also, getting input from an expert designer is an even better way to go.


Fort Collins Landscapers can assist you every step of the way, and the results can be monumental in your new landscape creation.  The main principle for landscaping in Fort Collins is to have UNITY!


Repetition creates unity, by repeating all elements in your landscaping plans.

Some of these include:  Using the same plants and plant groups for the type of theme you have chosen and are trying to achieve throughout the yard.   Unity can be achieved by the heights, sizes, textures, colors, and schemes of many different outdoor elements.


Whether you have a professional or not, a plan and design should be completed long before beginning your landscape.  Using simplicity speaks volumes in beauty if done correctly.  Boulders and water in a spacious or small landscape project can enhance the theme and beauty you’re trying to achieve.


Balance and color will add depth to your plans and a good professional designer can make this happen for you.  Remember repetition is directly related to unity, and your landscape will always look interesting if you follow these guide lines.   Good luck with your new ideas and in creating your new landscape.

Fort Collins Landscaping-What Is A Soils Test?

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A soil test is an analysis of the soil that is used to diagnose soil type, pH, and any nutrient deficiencies that may exist. This testing can be done professionally by commercial soil laboratories or your local cooperative extension. Most local nurseries have do-it-yourself kits available that can determine specific problems within your soil.

Soil fertility fluctuates throughout the growing season each year. Many of the nutrients have been altered by the addition of fertilizers, manure, compost, mulch, and lime or sulfur.

Furthermore, large amounts of minerals and nutrients have been removed from your turf as a result of plant growth and the development of harvesting crops. A soil test will determine the current fertilization status. It also provides the necessary information needed to maintain the best desired fertility year after year.

A soil test takes guesswork out of fertilization and can be very cost effective. It not only eliminates the waste of money spent on unnecessary fertilizers, but also eliminates over-usage of fertilizers, and helps to protect the environment.

Fort Collins Lawn Maintenance Topics-What is Thatch? What is Power-Raking?

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What is Thatch?

Thatch is an organic layer of both living and dead grass roots and stems, which gather above the surface of the soil.  It is tight looking, brown and spongy.   Thatch results from mowing and fertilization practices that are frequently used by homeowners and businesses alike! Thatch usually becomes a problem for these types of grasses:  Fine-Fescue, Bent-Grass, and Kentucky Bluegrass however, it does not normally show up in Wheatgrass, Tall-Fescue, Buffalo-Grass, or Brome-Grass.


What Is Power Raking?


Power raking is an excellent way to remove thatch and has been used as a preventative measure by homeowners and lawn maintenance companies for many years. Be cautioned though!  Deep power raking can often hurt the living turf of your landscape; therefore a light and frequent raking is advised.  If you want to speed up the spring green up of your lawn, de-thatching by light power raking is a recommended procedure that is a reliable technique to rid your yard of thatch.