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Fort Collins Lawn Maintenance Topics-What is Thatch? What is Power-Raking?

Posted by Admin on 28. May 2009 22:44

What is Thatch?

Thatch is an organic layer of both living and dead grass roots and stems, which gather above the surface of the soil.  It is tight looking, brown and spongy.   Thatch results from mowing and fertilization practices that are frequently used by homeowners and businesses alike! Thatch usually becomes a problem for these types of grasses:  Fine-Fescue, Bent-Grass, and Kentucky Bluegrass however, it does not normally show up in Wheatgrass, Tall-Fescue, Buffalo-Grass, or Brome-Grass.


What Is Power Raking?


Power raking is an excellent way to remove thatch and has been used as a preventative measure by homeowners and lawn maintenance companies for many years. Be cautioned though!  Deep power raking can often hurt the living turf of your landscape; therefore a light and frequent raking is advised.  If you want to speed up the spring green up of your lawn, de-thatching by light power raking is a recommended procedure that is a reliable technique to rid your yard of thatch.