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Posted by Admin on 7. July 2009 21:43



When considering a stone walkway for your new Fort Collins landscape project, always do your research and homework first and have a plan ahead of time before beginning.  Consider the location where you are hoping to install the walkway, and know what type of stones you are interested in placing at the entrance of your yard.


Depending on what type of walkway you desire, there are different types of materials to choose from.  They are stone walkways and brick walkways.  If you are looking for that homey, country feeling then a stone walkway is for you.  On the other hand if you have a formal atmospheric look to the entry into your Fort Collins landscape, then a brick walkway would be the approach you should take.


Talk to your Landscaper in Fort Collins, and make sure the routes you have chosen are not in a direct path of any of the root systems and trees in your yard.  This could be problematic in the future, beneath the stone walkways after they are installed.  Consider your options from straight across the lawn, while avoiding dips, ruts and trenches that will be difficult to navigate with a lawn mower, or other maintenance equipment.


After routing your path and choosing the type of stone you are interested in, you will have to decide on dry or wet construction for the walkway.  Wet will use mortar and dry will use sand.   Your Fort Collins landscaper can assist you with the pros and cons in making the correct choice in the stone and construction type.  A wet construction stone walkway does not have any movement and the benefits for the homeowner, are decreased time and maintenance in the future caring of the walkway.


However when you decide to install your new walkway, you can be sure the professional beauty of a stone walkway will only enhance the entry way into your beautiful landscaped yard, and home.