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Landscaping in Fort Collins ROCK RETAINING WALLS:

Posted by Admin on 25. August 2009 01:17



Mother Nature would say that installing a rock retaining wall to your landscaped property would seem to be a very green method and approach to take in adding this feature to your existing yard.


Guaranteeing yourself the wall of a lifetime literally, is what you are essentially doing!  Rock Retaining Walls can last forever and their history and past follows with them through generations of homeowners on the property.


Your Fort Collins Landscaper will advise you that it takes a lot of muscle, and patience to install this type of wall.  Heavy lifting and delivery of rock is what it’s all about.  You might want a dry stack install, or something using mortar within your rocks on the wall, depending totally on the types of rock you choose for your wall.


Building a rock retaining wall can add borders to your property; they also can be a landscaped area where you add flowers and shrubs, bushes and small trees within the site parallel to the wall, as if nature created them there.


Granite and limestone rock have the longevity of thousands of years in time; making them the most durable types of stone to use on your retaining wall.


Challenging your Fort Collins Landscape Designer to plan and install your rock wall for your property will enhance the view and structure of your home and surrounding properties.  It will add beauty and bring nature to the yard and feel like it belongs there.

After a while you will feel that it was always there from the start fitting just like a glove to your property.