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Posted by Admin on 1. October 2009 21:27



Composting is essentially the equivalent of all the healthy stuff in the soil or (humus) which sustains plant life.  If you want to retain moisture, and nutrients into your soil, composting is a method that will do just that.


It is estimated that a single family will throw away at least 200 pounds of vegetation that could be used in our gardens every year.  Multiply that number by a million families and you certainly can picture the amount of composting that could be occurring daily.


Implementing a compost pile into your Fort Collins landscape project is a great step towards preparing for your garden, plus composting will also help save the planet!


There are many helpful kits and packages in your local areas that you can purchase to help you get started in conserving wasted vegetation and then converting it into compost for your gardens.  There are many options to choose from!  Remember, proper layers added to your compost piles are essential in achieving the best results possible.  Setting up your very own compost will help you to appreciate the environment and its surroundings.  Composting will also help you see the effects and benefits received in your flowerbeds and vegetable gardens when used properly.


"In todays busy world, it is important to try and recycle in every way we can to help preserve energy and the planet natural resources.  Composting is a very good way to begin!  Remember, we can all make a difference if we just try.  If your looking for more information on composting there's a stack of information out there be it literature or on the web about various approaches and equipment."



Check out this video explaining how to compost using your waste vegetation, while making a difference in the world.  It’s a win win situation!