Can I sue Old Spice for chemical burns?

Can I sue Old Spice for chemical burns?

Attorneys are now interested in talking to persons who developed a rash, chemical burn, or similar condition after using Old Spice deodorant. Such persons may be eligible to join the Old Spice lawsuit with a legal claim of their own.

Why does Old Spice burn my armpits?

The fragrances used in deodorants and the aluminum-based compounds in antiperspirants can be irritating, says Dr. Kim. Plus, your armpit is extra susceptible to reactions because the skin there is thin and sensitive, she says. An Old Spice spokesman maintains that the company’s products are safe.

Does Old Spice give you burns?

Furthermore, they caused severe and painful chemical burns and rashes in “hundreds, if not thousands of men” after using products like the popular Old Spice Swagger, Lionpride, and Arctic Force High Endurance deodorants. These are also included in the complaint.

Does Old Spice Fiji give chemical burns?

Procter & Gamble’s Old Spice deodorant has caused severe rashes and chemical burns to possibly thousands of “unsuspecting consumers,” according to a class-action lawsuit filed this month that seeks more than $5 million in damages.

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How long does it take for a deodorant burn to heal?

A minor burn may heal within a few days. But a more serious burn may take weeks or even months to heal completely. When the skin is damaged by a burn, it may become infected. You can help prevent infection and help your burn heal.

What helps Old Spice rash?

An over-the-counter topical antihistamine, such as diphenhydramine (Benadryl), can be applied to soothe burning, itching skin. If symptoms persist or the rash is especially painful, your doctor may prescribe a prescription-strength topical cream.

Why does Old Spice sting?

The Cause of Old Spice Injuries A small number of men may experience irritation due to alcohol sensitivity, a common ingredient used across virtually all deodorant products. For men who have experienced a reaction to a deodorant, an antiperspirant may be a better option because they have a different formulation.

Should I stop using Old Spice?

Procter and Gamble issued a voluntary recall of 18 versions of its Old Spice and Secret anti-perspirants. The FDA says the product may contain benzene, which can lead to cancers like leukemia and blood cancers, as well as life-threatening blood disorders.

Which Old Spice products are causing chemical burns?

While no class action lawsuit is currently accusing Old Spice deodorant of causing chemical burns, Procter & Gamble has been under fire recently over a pair of claims it sold Old Spice antiperspirant and deodorant sprays contaminated with the cancer-causing chemical benzene.

Are chemical burns permanent?

Types of Chemical Burns The area will be red and painful, but there usually is no permanent damage. Partial thickness or second-degree burns extend into the second layer of skin called the dermis. You may have blisters and swelling, and it may leave scars.

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Does Old Spice have aluminum?

All of Old Spice’s deodorants are free of aluminum. So, choose the scent you like and apply it daily to become a legend of confidence.

What Old Spice deodorant is recalled?

The recalled products include: Old Spice High Endurance AP Spray Pure Sport 12/6oz. Old Spice Hardest Working Collection Inv Spray Stronger Swagger 3.8oz. Old Spice Hardest Working Collection Inv Spray Pure Sport Plus 12/3.8oz.

Does Old Spice have carcinogens?

Benzene linked to cancers including leukemia Lawsuits surrounding the Old Spice and Secret sprays also have been filed in federal courts in California, Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, New York and Oregon. The companies that make the other products found to contain benzene have not yet issued recalls.

Do deodorant burns scar?

Sadly, yes. It’s a teen trend you should watch out for called the “Deodorant Challenge” where kids see how long they can tolerate deodorant being sprayed in the same spot. Even seconds can cause second-degree burns and permanent scarring, experts say.

Are aerosol burns permanent?

Small red bumps are the first sign. They may blister or peel in cases of more advanced burns. And the scarring they leave could last longer than any Instagram post. “This type of damage to the skin can cause permanent scarring,” said Smart.

Should a burn be kept moist or dry?

Treat small burns with over-the-counter topical antibiotic ointment, like Polysporin or Neosporin, until healed. Keep the wound covered with a bandage. Burns heal better in a moist, covered environment.

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