Is Nivea deodorant safe to use?

Is Nivea deodorant safe to use?

The underarm areas add up to 200 cm2, which is only about 1% of the whole body surface. Therefore this area is much too small to interfere with thermoregulation. The safety of anti-perspirants has been proven in many surveys and their use in cosmetic products is approved.

Which Nivea deodorant is best for underarms?

NEW NIVEA Whitening Deodorant repairs your skin to give you fairer underarms. New NIVEA Whitening Deo unique formula, licorice extracts, repairs damaged skin thus making underarm skin fair and even toned. The result is no dark spots and visibly fairer underarms along with a feminine long lasting fragrance.

What are the ingredients in Nivea deodorant?


  • Aqua,
  • Aluminum Chlorohydrate,
  • Butylene Glycol,
  • Glyceryl Isostearate,
  • Parfum,
  • PEG-150 Distearate,
  • Benzyl Alcohol.

Is Nivea roll on Aluminium free?

Did you know that NIVEA Pure & Natural Action Roll-on contains absolutely no aluminium? The Fresh product range therefore contains the first roll-on which effectively inhibits the growth of odour-forming bacteria using an antibacterial formula, and what’s more, it does this without using aluminium.

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Does Nivea fresh natural deodorant have aluminum?

Has a unique blend of deodorant protection and NIVEA MEN Care Complex for skin refreshing and caring properties. A powerful masculine fragrance with Ocean extracts that uplift the senses and also keeps a check on odor. Provides a long-lasting 48 hours of freshness. Made with aluminium-free and color-protecting formula.

Does NIVEA contain aluminium?

NIVEA uses aluminum chlorohydrate in antiperspirants as one of the most effective active ingredients against sweat production. It blocks the sweat flow in your underarm area and keeps you feeling fresh and confident. Our “pure” deodorants (i.e., without antiperspirant effect) do not contain aluminum chlorohydrate.

Does Nivea deodorant darken underarms?

The Nivea Whitening Deodorant Roll-on reduces skin darkening and lifts your confidence. The whitening roll-on is composed of compounds like licorice and witch hazel that removes dark spots and gives a fair and even toned underarm….Feminine Long lasting Fragrance.

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Which Nivea deodorant is best?

Check Out These Best Nivea Deos For Men That’ll Help You Say Goodbye To Body Odour

  1. Nivea Men Fresh Power Boost Deodorant, 150 ml. …
  2. Nivea Men Protect and Care Deodorant, 150 ml. …
  3. Nivea Men Silver Protect Antibacterial Deodorant Spray, 150 ml. …
  4. Nivea Men Fresh Protect Body Deodorizer, 120 ml. …
  5. Nivea Men Duo Body Deodorizer 100 ml.

Which deodorant is best for dark underarms?

Dove Even Tone Rejuvenating Blossom is perfect for helping to restore your natural underarm skin tone. This womens deodorant is enriched with ingredients that help to address uneven skin under arms.

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Is aluminum chlorohydrate safe to use?

Aluminum chlorohydrate is the simplest salt that is not damaging to fabric and is generally well-tolerated on the skin.

What is Aluminium Chlorohydrate used for?

Aluminum chlorohydrate is a compound used as an antiperspirant. Aluminum chlorohydrate is a group of water-soluble aluminum complexes with the general formula AlnCl(3n-m)(OH)m. It is included up to 25% in over-the-counter hygiene products as an active antiperspirant agent.

Does NIVEA Men deodorant contain aluminum?

NIVEA MEN Fresh 0% Aluminium deodorant provides an invigorating feeling of freshness with a long-lasting aqua fresh scent. The deodorant combines 48 hours reliable protection against body odour with care for your underarm skin.

Which NIVEA deodorant is aluminum free?

Aluminium-free with NIVEA NIVEA aluminium-free deodorant provides 48 hour deodorant protection whilst allowing the body to cool down naturally. All of the products in the aluminium-free range provide powerful deodorant protection which is gentle on the underarms.

Does Dove deodorant have aluminum?

That’s why Dove 0% Aluminum Deodorant provides 48-hour deodorant protection, so you can face the day without worrying about underarm odor. Not only does this deodorant without aluminum provide odor protection, but with a range of scents to choose from, you’ll get long-lasting freshness, too.

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