Is Olay Complete paraben free?

Is Olay Complete paraben free?

Rating Summary. SkinSAFE has reviewed the ingredients of Olay Complete All Day Moisturizer, Broad Spectrum SPF 15, 6.0 fl oz and found it to be 91% Top Allergen Free and free of Fragrance, Gluten, Coconut, Nickel, Lanolin, Paraben, Topical Antibiotic, MCI/MI, Soy, Oil, Irritant/Acid, and Dye.

Is Olay SPF 15 A good sunscreen?

SPF 15: The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends this product as an effective Broad Spectrum sunscreen. This SPF lotion moisturizer is an effective aid in the prevention of sun-induced damage to the skin, including sunburn and possibly premature aging.

Does Olay Complete have alcohol?

Comes from a coconut oil derived fatty alcohol, lauryl alcohol.

Is Olay Complete moisturizer non comedogenic?

Unlike many facial moisturizers with sunscreen, Complete All Day facial moisturizer with SPF is non-greasy and non-comedogenic—so it won’t clog your pores. Its oil-free formula leaves skin with a healthy glow.

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Is Olay Complete a chemical sunscreen?

An oil-soluble chemical sunscreen agent that protects skin in the UVB and somewhat in the UVA II range with a peak absorption of 304 nm.

Does oil of Olay contain oxybenzone?

OLAY REGENERIST REGENERATING ADVANCED ANTI-AGING MOISTURIZE BROAD SPECTRUM SPF 50- avobenzone, homosalate, octisalate, octocrylene, and oxybenzone lotion.

Does Olay Complete have vitamin C?

Contains Vitamin C. Non-Comedogenic. Recommended for Normal Skin.

Is Olay SPF moisturizer good?

This oil-free, lightweight yet moisturizing formula absorbs quickly into the skin and provides excellent SPF 30 coverage. I use this everyday after washing my face, and it leaves my face feeling soft and moisturized and NOT oily. It’s exactly what I was looking for!

Is Olay Complete good for sensitive skin?

“This daily moisturizer is lightweight enough for even sensitive skin, but also includes UVA/UVB protection, so it’s great for women who don’t always remember to apply a separate sunscreen,” says dermatologist Amy B. Lewis.

Does Olay moisturizer have parabens?

P&G’s skincare brand, Olay, makes a product called Complete All Day Moisturizer with Sunscreen, which contains three parabens—chemicals linked to cancer, hormone disruption, and reproductive harm.

Is Olay moisturizer oil based?

Its oil-free formula leaves skin with a healthy glow. With its proven SolaSheer Sensitive Technology, experience hydration with sun protection from America’s #1 UV moisturizer, based on P12M Nielsen xAOC unit sales.

What are the ingredients of Oil of Olay Complete?

Water, glycerin, isohexadecane, aloe barbadensis leaf extract, tocopheryl acetate*, BHT, cyclopentasiloxane, C13-14 isoparaffin, steareth-21, PEG/PPG-20/20 dimethicone, laureth-7, steareth-2, stearyl alcohol, behenyl alcohol, cetyl alcohol, disodium EDTA, polyacrylamide, oleth-3 phosphate, triethoxycaprylylsilane, DMDM …

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Can I use Olay Complete on my face?

Product Description. Olay Complete All Day SPF 15 Facial Moisturizer with UVA/UVB protection for sensitive skin provides 8 hours of hydration. This gentle, lightweight lotion is fragrance free and features zinc oxide. It also includes vitamin E and aloe to help maintain healthy-looking skin.

Is Olay Complete sensitive oil-free?

Its oil-free formula leaves skin with a healthy glow. With its proven SolaSheer Sensitive Technology, experience hydration with sun protection from America’s #1 UV moisturizer, based on P12M Nielsen xAOC unit sales.

Is Olay Day Cream non-comedogenic?

Olay Total Effects Anti Ageing Cream: This is a good moisturizer for all skin types, providing a good amount of hydration to all skin types. This is a non-comedogenic product that has also been dermatologically tested. 3.

Is Octinoxate safe?

The EWG rates octinoxate a six, which is a moderate hazard. It can lead to developmental and reproductive toxicity. Octinoxate is a hormone disruptor. It can produce estrogen-like effects similar to oxybenzone.

How much SPF do you need?

The lighter your skin, the more easily it will get burned by the sun’s UV rays. However, all skin types can get sun burned and suffer damage from UV rays. Therefore, dermatologists recommend that everyone use sunscreen of at least SPF 30.

Which sunscreen is best for oily face?

Have you been looking far and wide for the best sunscreen for oily skin in India?

  • Lotus Herbals Safe Sun 3-In-1 Matte Look Daily. …
  • Aroma Magic Cucumber Sunscreen Lotion. …
  • Lakme Sun Expert Ultra-Matte SPF 50 PA+++ Gel. …
  • Neutrogena ultra-sheer SPF 50. …
  • WOW Skin Science Matte Finish Sunscreen SPF 55 PA+++ UVA & UVB Protection.
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What are the sunscreen ingredients to avoid?

Chemicals to avoid in sunscreen include:

  • Oxybenzone.
  • Avobenzone.
  • Homosalate.
  • Octinoxate.
  • Octocrylene.
  • Cinoxate.
  • Dioxybenzone.
  • Ensulizole.

What brands use oxybenzone?


  • 241 Cosmetics (2)
  • Adidas (9)
  • Algenist (4)
  • American Crew (1)
  • amika (1)
  • Anthony (1)
  • Aphogee (1)
  • Aquaphor (1)

Are Olay products safe?

OLAY’S SAFETY STANDARDS. Just like you, OLAY takes safety seriously. For more than 65 years, we’ve been on the cutting edge of both beauty and science. We continuously innovate to uphold ingredients, formulas and products to a high standard.

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