Is Olay Natural White cream good for face?

Is Olay Natural White cream good for face?

Good product and the quality is quite good. It is Really a good Product From Olay. It Gives a Fresh look & Fairness With an Instant Glow on Face.

Which Olay product is best for whitening?

  • OLAY Natural White Instant Glowing Fairness Cream (40g … 120 g. 4.1. ₹567.
  • OLAY LUMINOUS TONE PERFECTING. 7 ml. 3.5. ₹688. ₹698. 1% off.
  • OLAY LUMINOUS BRIGHTENING INTENSIVE LOTION 75 ML PACK O… 75 ml. ₹1,181. ₹1,199. 1% off.

What is the benefits of Olay Natural White cream?

Active Ingredients : Olay Natural White Light Instant Glowing Fairness Cream (40 g) Contains : Vitamin B3 : Helps to reduce wrinkles, fade brown spots, and smooth roughness. Acts as an excellent skin lightening agent. Vitamin E : Helps in smoothening out the fine lines and wrinkles. Acts a moisturiser for skin.

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Is Olay Natural White good for daily use?

After application, it gives matte finish to my face and also controls oil for 2 hours maximum in summers. It instantly brightens my face and adds a noticeable glow too. If you have a clear face then this can be your only-product for daily use as it gives you glow and brightens up face.

How long does it take Olay Natural White to work?

This cream takes 5- 7 mins to get absorbed in skin and helps in reducing dark spots and pigmentation which I had lot on my face and now it is reduced by 70% which is very satisfying. Also, it has a good amount of SPF which protect your face from harsh rays of sun.

Does Olay cream darken the skin?

Olay Severe side effects include blisters, skin burn, dysapnea, skin eruption and complete darkening of facial skin. 80% of the people reported side effects and discontinued usage.

Can Olay lighten skin?

An Olay spokesperson told BuzzFeed News that the company, which does not sell skin whitening products in the US, believes that there needs to be a “more diverse and inclusive standard of beauty,” comparing its skin lightening products to tanners or makeup. “How each person defines beauty is a choice.

What is the difference between Olay Natural White and Olay White Radiance?

What is the difference between Olay White Radiance and Olay Natural White? Olay White Radiance is the advanced fairness range for pearl-like radiance, fairer skin and it visibly reduces dark spots and dark circles.

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Is Olay cream a bleaching cream?

OLAY natural white fairness cream spf24 50g + natural night cream……OLAY Natural Aura day Cream with Vitamin B3,B5, E and SPF 15 (50 g)

Sales Package All In One Fairness Day Cream
Form Cream
Application Area Face
Applied For (Face) Daily Care
Applied For (Body) Whitening & Lightening

Does Olay Natural White remove dark spots?

Olay Natural White Nourish the skin with nutrients for healthy-looking natural fairness that glows. Its formula with triple nutrient system – Vitamin B3, pro-B5 & E nourishes the skin to reduce the appearance of dark spots and dullness for a healthy-looking natural fairness that glows.

How do you use Olay Natural White?

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Which is best Olay cream?

Best Olay Products For 2022

  • Olay Total Effects 7 In One Anti-Aging Smoothing Serum. …
  • Olay Total Effects Anti-Aging Eye Transforming Cream. …
  • Olay Natural White Night Nourishing Repair Cream. …
  • Olay Age Protect Anti-Aging Cream. …
  • Olay Moisturizing Cream. …
  • Olay Natural White Glowing Fairness Day Cream. …
  • Olay Total Effects BB Cream.

Is Olay Natural White good for pimples?

Now comes the spot removal parts, after using this cream for a couple of weeks I had noticed a slight lightening of my old stubborn acne scars and my skin looks more clarified now. It helped to even out the complexion. So, overall I am impressed with the results of this cream.

Can I use Olay day cream at night?

Please note that most Olay moisturizers can be used both day and night if you wish. Be sure to follow the usage instructions on the package. If you’re looking for more hydration overnight, try one of the products labeled “night cream” or any of our non-SPF jar creams.

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What is the price of Olay Natural White cream?

Olay Natural White Glowing Fairness Cream Day SPF24 price in India starts from ₹ 335. The lowest price of Olay Natural White Glowing Fairness Cream Day SPF24 is ₹ 335 at Amazon.

Is Olay Natural White a sunscreen?

Olay Natural White Rich Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30.

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