What percent of hydroquinone is effective for melasma?

What percent of hydroquinone is effective for melasma?

The results of this study show that 4% Hydroquinone and 0.75% Kojic Acid + vitamin c 2.5% are effective topical hypopigmenting agents in the treatment of facial melasma. However, 4% Hydroquinone is a better topical hypopigmenting agent with rapid rate of clinical improvement when compared to 0.75% Kojic Acid cream.

How can I lighten melasma on my face?

Hydrocortisone (a topical corticosteroid): Hydrocortisone helps fade the color caused by melasma. It can also lessen the likelihood of dermatitis that may be caused by other agents. Hydroquinone: This medication is applied as a cream or lotion. It goes directly onto the melasma patches at night for two to four months.

What do doctors prescribe for melasma?

Your dermatologist may prescribe one or more of the following:

  • Hydroquinone: This is a common treatment for melasma. …
  • Tretinoin and a mild corticosteroid: This combination contains a retinoid and an anti-inflammatory, which can even out skin tone.
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Is Kojic acid good for melasma?

Results: All patients showed improvement in melasma on both sides of the face. The side receiving the kojic acid did better. More than half of the melasma cleared in 24/40 (60%) patients receiving kojic acid compared to 19/40 (47.5%) patients receiving the gel without kojic acid.

Which cream is best for melasma?

Plus the 4 best melasma creams

  • This Melasma Cream with Azelaic Acid and Arbutin. SkinCeuticals Phyto A+ Brightening Treatment. …
  • This Melasma Cream with Arbutin and Vitamin C. Obagi Medical Nu-Derm Clear Fx. …
  • This Melasma Cream with Azelaic Acid and Glycolic Acid. …
  • This Melasma Cream with Niacinamide and Kojic Acid.

What is the fastest way to cure melasma?

Doctors often use hydroquinone as the first line of treatment for melasma. Hydroquinone is available as a lotion, cream, or gel. It works by lightening the color of the skin patches. A person can apply the hydroquinone product directly to the patches of skin that are discolored or uneven.

Can hydroquinone make melasma worse?

Hydroquinone may be helpful in epidermal-type melasma. Concentrations vary from 2% to 10% and hydroquinone may be used twice daily for 12 weeks. Hydroquinone may cause local skin irritation, however, and thereby leading to post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, making the skin pigmentation worse.

Does melasma come back after hydroquinone?

Why is this? What treatment should be used? ANSWER: The skin condition melasma can be challenging to get rid of completely, and as a chronic condition, it can come back after treatment. With the treatment you mention, intense-pulsed light or IPL, melasma often reappears quickly.

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How can I remove melasma permanently at home?

Apple cider vinegar

  1. Combine equal parts apple cider vinegar and water in a container.
  2. Apply to your dark patches and leave on two to three minutes.
  3. Rinse using lukewarm water.
  4. Repeat twice daily you achieve the results you desire.

Can I use hydroquinone all over my face?

You can use hydroquinone to treat dark spots and create an even skin tone, but follow these tips to add the product to your skincare routine safely: Use as a spot treatment. Apply hydroquinone in a thin layer to affected areas of the face. Do not apply it to other areas of the face; otherwise, it will bleach that skin.

Can I use hydroquinone and Kojic acid together?

In conclusion, kojic acid along with hydroquinone is a superior depigmenting agent as compared with other three combinations in our study. Its combination with hydroquinone is synergistic. However, larger studies overcoming above mentioned limitations are required to obtain more conclusive data.

How effective is hydroquinone 4 cream?

A study testing a hydroquinone monotherapy indicated an 85% satisfaction rate after a 12-week period, with 90% of participants reporting that they no longer made significant efforts to hide skin discoloration (Grimes).

How effective is 2% hydroquinone?

OTC hydroquinone 2% preparations are typically less effective than the prescription 4% preparations. Adolescents are among those affected by acne, and a significant subset of these patients will experience related PIH. However, the majority of hydroquinone prescriptions written in the USA are done so by dermatologists.

Which soap is best for melasma?

Argussy ACNE – MELASMA SOAP (110 g) Argussy Acne Melasma Soap is a product from – Argussy, a trusted name in the cosmetic and health industry. Their products are dermatologically certified.

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What is the highest hydroquinone?

Additionally, the highest strength that is commercially available with a prescription is a hydroquinone 4% cream. A cream with 6, 8, or 10 percent hydroquinone can only be obtained from a compounding pharmacy with a prescription.

What makes melasma worse?

Sun exposure: Exposure to the sun’s rays can make melasma worse and this includes being in the heat and visible light. It doesn’t have to be a very hot day out, but if the sun is beaming on your skin, the melasma can immediately get worse.

Can retinol remove melasma?

Cream-based retinoid treatments are effective when addressing melasma as well, since the inflammatory risk is so low.

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