Which green tea is best for face mask?

Which green tea is best for face mask?

5 Amazing Green Tea Face Masks To Cleanse Your Skin

  1. Plum Green Tea Clear Face Mask. …
  2. WOW Anti-Aging Fuji Matcha Green Tea Clay Face Mask. …
  3. The Face Shop Unisex Real Nature Green Tea Masksheet. …
  4. Matra Naturals French Green Clay Mask With Green Tea And Rice Enzymes. …
  5. Miss Claire Nature Essence Face Mask – Green Tea.

How do you use a plum face mask?

How to Use Plum Green Tea Clear Face Mask

  1. Gently apply a thin layer over all areas of the face, taking care not to let the product enter your eyes.
  2. Wait for about 30 minutes or until the mask dries completely, and wash off with plain water.

What does Plum green tea Face Wash do?

Gentle, Non-Drying, SLS-Free, Natural – Plum green tea face wash is the answer to all your oily skin woes. It has the perfect milieu of ingredients like green tea extracts & glycolic acid, that will clear your skin up and leave it feeling refreshed, energized, and ready to take on the world.

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Is plum green tea good for oily skin?

Clay masks are so good for oily skin and this mask, having Green Tea extracts which are known to be a great source of anti-oxidants, really keeps the oily skin oil-free, clean, detoxed, soft, smooth, free from clogged pores, bright, and everything good.

Can I use green tea mask everyday?

Leave the mask on your skin for 10 to 15 minutes, and then rinse off with warm water. For best results, you can apply the mask one to three times a week.

Can we apply green tea directly on face?

Yes, green tea is good for the skin as it has anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce skin rashes, redness and more.

Is Plum A Indian brand?

Plum is India’s first 100% vegan brand, AND India’s first online-only beauty brand.

Is Plum good for skin?

It helps the skin to heal faster and replace damaged skin with new skin. Consuming plums also improve skin texture and elasticity. It also reduces the appearance of dark spots, freckles and treats other skin conditions.

Is green tea mask good for oily skin?

This face mask is perfect to treat oily skin. You just need a few ingredients in place and your quick beauty treatment is sorted. Take 2 tbsp rice flour, 1 tbsp green tea and 1 tbsp lemon juice, mix them together and apply it.

Is plum good for sensitive skin?

Plum has products for every skin type, including sensitive skin. Thoughtfully formulates their products using the best of natural actives combined with safe, life-friendly ingredients.

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Is plum face wash good for pimples?

It caters to oily acne prone skin which is exactly my skin type. I breakout no matter what I use and this particular range reduces the frequency of pimples and lightens the marks. The plum green tea range has an array of products ranging from face wash to serums.

Is plum good for dry skin?

The omega fatty acids along with vitamin E and vitamin A are what make the plum kernel oil so good for your skin. You can use it to moisturize your dry lips and heal your skin of hyperpigmentation, irritation, puffiness or dehydration.

Can I use plum toner daily?

Use it once or twice a week – not more. Too much exfoliation is also not good. Don’t apply it on bruised skin.

Is plum good for acne prone skin?

Yes, The Plum Green Tea products are suitable for Oily and acne prone skin type.

Is plum green tea good for combination skin?

It is recommended for normal, oily and combination skin. This gel contains: Argan oil which helps the skin to retain moisture. Green tea extracts which help in combating blemishes.

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